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Give me back my soul

Give me back my soul
It wasn’t yours to take
I only promised my love
I cannot breathe
Like this, not myself anymore

Give me back my soul
Without it
My body will be an empty shell
You’ll have no use of it
Nor my soul will be
Any good to you either
You cannot keep it in a bottle,
It will always find a breach
Where to get out from

So please, give it back
If you take it for too long
It won’t find her way back to me
And the woman you once
Pretended to love
Will be just a faint memory

Give me back my soul
She won’t belong to you
We will be both
With nothing inside

                                                           Isa Lisboa

Arte: Victor Shelog

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Kizy Lee said...

Tua doce alma estás contigo querida, por isto escreve tão divinamente e intensamente.
Muito bom senti cada pedaço.

Isa Lisboa said...

Obrigada, Kizy! Fico muito feliz que tenha gostado!

Claudiane Ferreira de Souza da Silva said...

Isa, mesmo sabendo que a qualquer momento a alma encontraria uma brecha . Num ato de respeito, pediu que devolvesse...

Gostei muito!
Bjs no seu coração!

Isa Lisboa said...

Sempre tentamos não precisar fugir, não é mesmo...?
Obrigada, Claudiane! Um beijinho

Dulce Morais said...

You have written a very deep and intense supplication. It's so moving, that the reader almost wishes to intervene and steal the soul to give it back to you...
I love it, as all you write!
Thanks for making us dream.

Isa Lisboa said...

Dulce, words like yourse definetlly keep my soul in me! Thank you so very much!

Carlos Moraes said...

um desfecho genial... bjs

Isa Lisboa said...

:) Grata, Carlos! Bjs

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