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Música: Brian Cain - Wind

You took all my skin off. In just a few seconds, all my veins were in sight, showing the blood, flowing in it’s own rhythm towards the destination. And coming out again. Showing each one’s pulse, the more anxious, jumping from time to time, the more calm, enjoying the sight.
With another movement, they came off too.
Only muscles, now. Trying to hold together. All little fibres getting closer as if they were trying to form a sweater.
At last, I saw myself as only bones, glued to each other, desperately, sadly, keeping formation.
It was winter. I started getting colder. Got worse when I realized I was no longer inside. I was in  the middle of the street. At rush hour.
Some didn’t even noticed me. From the ones who saw me, only a few looked at me. Those smiled. The others kept on going, faster, faster.
It was getting so much colder now. And I got mad. How could you? Put me so undressed, in the middle of the street, in winter? How could I left… How…
A click. Bones touching.
People started moving even faster now.
So did my senses. I felt warmer.
So I asked time and space to stop, so that I could see them. And all the runners.
I saw the bandages some had on the skin, holding it together.
I had to peek, see if they were made of bone, just like me. They were.
They must have been on that spot once, too. Naked on the street. But they had bruises from the cold. They seemed to have dressed the skin back in a hurry. If the zipper got stuck, they’ve used glue.
Some made it harder on me. They had too much makeup. Through a slight breach, I saw them moving like pretty dolls, with perfect hair, tied in perfect little pig tails, having an imaginary cup of tea.
They looked at me, too. They politely said I should get dressed.
No, not yet.

I want to know what it’s like to kiss if you have no lips, and to touch if you have no skin. And I want to look at you, now that we are both free.

Isa Lisboa

Foto: Vadim Stein

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Dulce Morais said...

There is life under the skin of each word you write! :)

Maristela Ormond said...

The neglect of the cold leaves us powerless
Kisses .

Isa Lisboa said...

Dulce, thank you so much. Indeed, I meant to describe a coming back to life! :)

Isa Lisboa said...

Yes, it does, Maristela! But it's always up to us to find warmth again! :)
Thank you! :)

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