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Fallen queen

Tela: Fallen Queen, Carlos Saramago

Against the floor
Made of simple glass
There lays my crown
Fallen queen
On the ground
What is there left
Of my kingdom?
Was there ever any?
The world is seductive
Promises so much
Leaves so little
Of who you are…
Glitter is power
So they told me
Power is happiness
The voice assured me
So why was it all
Why is there nothing left
Only broken glass
Of what used to be diamonds
A shadow
A once beautiful
Of which kingdom?

Isa Lisboa

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Dulce Morais said...

Maybe there has never be a Kingdom, but there was, no doubt, talent in every word you offered us :)
Brilliant, Isa!
Amazing, Carlos!

Isa Lisboa said...

I believe there's no kingdom, indeed, at least not one as this lost one... :)
Thank you, Dulce! :)

Pintora Manuela Frade said...

Very good, I enjoyed their symbolic, sensitive and spiritual side .

Isa Lisboa said...

Thank for all you read, Manuela! :)

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